The Salt Bath – A Natural Herpes Treatment

What Is Herpes and Can I Get a Natural Herpes Treatment?

Herpes is  a sexually transmitted disease that is passed by skin to skin contact. It is transmitted through sexual contact that is oral, anal and/or vaginal, there are a number of treatment options and some can be classed as a Natural Herpes Treatment.

Contrary to some popular belief the infected person is always contagious and can pass the disease to another, whether or not they have active signs or symptoms, such as the typical blisters and open red sores or ulcers that are seen in Herpes outbreaks.

Painful Symptoms of Herpes

While many do not show any symptoms for weeks or years after infection; there are significant effects of the disease that present themselves in the form of blisters and open sores in the genital area of the body.

These blisters form on and around the genital area, including, the vagina, penis, anal area, rectum, buttocks, inner thighs and even inside the urethra. Eventually, these blisters burst and turn into raw and red open sores in the same area of the body. Often these are painful and can have tingling sensations and itching.

What About Treatment?

While there is no cure for Herpes and once one is infected it is permanent, there are several remedies that are effective and can cause some relief for the blister and sore outbursts that can occur. Some of these treatments are also known to minimize the numbers of outbreaks and increase the healing times.

The FDA has approved three medications that help to serve that purpose, they are called  Acyclovir, Valacyclovir and Famiciclovir. There are also some homemade remedies that help to bring relief during outbreaks. Some of these remedies for Herpes are used to alleviate pain, while others are taken daily to suppress the virus so much that they lower the risk of transmitting it to another person.

Natural Herpes Treatment With A Salt Bath

Treating the pain, itching and general irritation associated with Herpes is one of the most important in helping patients to find some relief. A salt bath Herpes remedy is one of the best options to get fast relief and a great positive is that it is a Natural Herpes Treatment!

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The blisters that appear in the genital area can be large and filled with a clear liquid, once they burst, however, they do not go away, but instead turn into open sores or ulcers which are red, itchy and irritating. Since these sores and blisters appear in the genital area they often cause quite a bit of discomfort to the sufferer because this is such a sensitive area and one that is usually affected by clothing and friction of walking and even sitting.

Getting relief to this area is of utmost importance and a one great Herpes remedy in men is a salt bath that helps to soothe the open sores and bring some relief.

Recipe For a Natural Herpes Treatment -  Salt Bath Remedy 

  • The basic recipe for the salt bath remedy for Herpes is to put ½ teaspoon of salt into a ½ pint of warm water.
  • Bathe the sore area with the solution twice per day.
  • Another option is to add a few tablespoons of salt to a shallow pool of water in the bathtub and lay in it for a while.
  • The salt has remarkable healing powers to act as a natural herpes treatment and will also help to disinfect and keep clean the infected areas of the body.

Natural Herpes Treatment